Deuce Technologies is a top Piping, Firefighting, EPC & MEP company in Nigeria. Deuce Technologies Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on 2nd March, 2018 with Certificate No. RC 1475385. We are an wholly indigenous company with international exposure in form of experience and service partnerships. Deuce Technologies Ltd has a proven track record for being one the best MEP & EPC company in Nigeria. We have undertaken numerous projects in the oil & gas industry and with FMCG's. We have recorded a 100% completion rate in all our projects.

Deuce Technologies Ltd aims to be a standout company in its mode of operation, recruitment and training. Thus all our staffs are enrolled in additional professional training courses to ensure that they master the art and skills of their profession. the professional training courses also expose our staffs to international codes and standards that are the main foundations of all our Engineering practices and works.

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