Nigerian Bottling Company

Nigerian Bottling Company is the bottling partner of Coca-Cola in Nigeria. NBC bottles and sells beverage drinks such as Coca Cola, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Eva water, Five Alive. NBC also markets energy drinks such as Monster and Predator Gold. Panisco Engineering Ltd has been one of their many contractors for years. We have assisted immensely in delivering unique electrical and mechanical solutions to NBC.

Type of work: Strategic Plant Expansion for Capacity Ramp-up to compensate for Closure of NBC Kaduna and Jos Plants
Client Address: Nigerian Bottling Company, Idu, Abuja
Completion: 100% 
1. Installation of machines and media pipes for 1no KRONES RGB Line including works on Bottle Washer. Crate Washer, Mixer, Filler, Packer, Unpacker, Palletizer, Depal

Type of work: Design and Installation of Comprehensive Fire Protection Systems, consisting of sprinklers, hydrants and hose reels, Fire alarm systems, Foam units and extinguishers
Client Address: Nigerian Bottling Company, Ikeja, Lagos
Completion: 100% 
1. Design and Installation of Sprinkler systems taking into consideration attainable coverage area and product category/specification with respect to NFPA Standards

Type of work: Media Pipe Installation for 2nos New Bottling lines
Client Address: Nigerian Bottling Company, Ibadan, Oyo
Completion: 100% 
1. Installation of machines and media pipes for 2nos KRONES PET Lines including Blow Moulder, Variopac, Mixer, Filler, Depalletizer and Palletizer.


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